What do you give the person who has everything?

Send a cake!

Not just any cake - a scrumptious, hand made cake from our farmhouse kitchen. It's simple. All you need to do is choose a cake, fill in your message and the details of the person you want to receive the cake and we'll make a delicious cake and post it to them. Specially designed packaging ensures the cake arrives in perfect condition.

After the page is fully loaded, you should see 'Add to Cart' buttons underneath each cake, which will allow you to add a cake to your shopping cart. Your shopping cart will appear in the top right of the page once you have items in it. If you want a special message sent with the cake, make sure you fill it in before you add it to your cart.

If javascript is not enabled in your browser, you won't be able to use the shopping cart, and you'll have to contact us to order a cake.

Some customers have had difficulty setting a delivery address. Filling in a different delivery address sometimes causes the 'accept and continue' button to disappear off the bottom of the page. You can still reach it by using the tab key. Alternatively use the same billing address option on the first page, but make sure you change the delivery address on the second page.

If you have any problems, then give me a ring on 01665 570262.

If we receive your order before 5pm, your cake will be made and then sent out by first class post the next working day or as specified. We can only accept orders for delivery to UK addresses. Royal Mail aim to deliver all first class mail by the next working day however it is not guaranteed. For "Next Day Special Delivery" pay a little more at the checkout and chose "Special Delivery". Royal Mail are responsible for your package once it has been posted.

If you aren't completely happy with your cake, please return it to us with the packaging for a refund. If you change your mind after having ordered, please make sure you let us know you want to cancel or change your order before 5pm on the day you ordered.

We have included the basic ingredients of the cakes. Occasionally there will be unavoidable changes which take longer to get to the website, however an up to date Ingredients card is prepared and included with each cake.

Once Upon a Time, many years ago, Marilyn married Tony, a shepherd from Lancashire, and emigrated from Canada to set up home in the hills of the United Kingdom. They started out living in the Lowlands of Scotland, shepherding, and a few children later ended up in the wilds of Northumberland, eventually in their own small farm. By then Marilyn was realizing what it meant to leave her family behind in another country. She tried to remain part of their lives by sending flowers for important days. But she wanted to send things other than flowers, things like - well - Cake! And that was how Northumbrian Farmhouse Cakes was born - because people love to share cake with the people they care about. Our website will help you do just that.

You'll find our cakes are made from the finest ingredients and are true to their Farmhouse roots - they are traditional cakes made from wholesome ingredients. Every receipe has been tried and tested on family and friends. Free range eggs from Tony's chickens are generally used, supplemented by locally produced free range eggs. We've tried to keep salt to the minimum and use unsalted butter.

We hope you will find the site easy to use and will be encouraged to send our cakes as gifts to the people you love. If you have any suggestions please share them with us by emailing us.

Ian Wood is a talented artist living in Alnwick whose work really captures the character of the land and animals of Northumberland. Our thanks to him for creating a painting for us and permission to use his images on our website.

Thanks also to our family and friends for their inspiration, encouragement and general graft.